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Framework Guide about Performance Indicators in Knowledge Management for Development

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The advantages of the introduction of Knowledge for development in the complex development sector are already well-known and well-stated. It is, nevertheless, paradoxical that although the development community has embraced with satisfaction most of the information technologies allowing the improvement in the delivery of some development interventions, it seems  like  this has not been mentioned when talking about  Framework Guide  Performance Indicators in Knowledge  Management for Development.
Taking the above issue of concern, my work proposes an information model for knowledge for Development based upon the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) in development sector.

Based upon the use of framework methodological guide about knowledge for management indicators and quality assurance techniques in Knowledge for development this blog is proposing key performance indicators centered approach that drives information flow at all levels of the day-to-day process of delivering effective and managed development intervention, toward information assessment and knowledge for development discovery.

The proposed key performance indicators (KPIs) are forming a complete set of metrics that enable the assessment of the performance management and the evaluation of the delivery of any prepared development interventions.


A successful Knowledge Package for Development should be carefully targeted towards its audience, with the right mixture of delivery, simplicity, elegance and sustainable communities’ development innovations through the right knowledge formats and the right socio cultural infrastructures.

Setting suitable Key Performance Indicators for measuring Knowledge Package for Development through participative and collaborative approaches including the target community is probably the best strategies of determining and delivering the right knowledge package format and its right socio cultural infrastructures.

This proposal of an information model for knowledge for Development based upon the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) in development sector can be found in the table below


Availability of the right knowledge package. This may base on the right infrastructures and the right format with respect of the actual environment

Accesses to the right socio cultural knowledge infrastructures. Integrating and assimilating knowledge package to the corresponded environment
Arrangement and
classification of knowledge infrastructures
Knowledge may be
arranged in such a way that it facilitates finding
the right knowledge infrastructure and its formats

application of the knowledge package
Package must be focused on its scope and objectives applied according to the knowledge package business case with respect of the community’ needs and community´s environment
awareness of evaluation of the knowledge package
Awareness of being evaluated may contribute to increase knowledge upgrading, communities collaboration and participation

baseline for the knowledge package maturity

comparing actual results to a previously knowledge package set baseline

Access to the new knowledge

no barrier to access and to transfer the new knowledge package
Format enabling creative knowledge package
objectives of the knowledge package enable infrastructures for creative knowledge formats, support flexible the knowledge activities, knowledge sharing and transfer process

flexible and adaptable knowledge package to a target community through collaboration and participation work

usable and available knowledge package to the target through right infrastructures and right format

reusable and transferable knowledge toward target communities
re-use knowledge package
reusable and transferable knowledge package toward target communities
Best practices
Knowledge effect
Individual experience
success stories
cooperation with
knowledge experts, knowledge organization and target communities during all the process to find the right knowledge infrastructure and the right format

Knowledge sharing culture, adoption evaluation process to see the positive progression of the knowledge effect

Communities satisfaction

the communities are satisfied with the knowledge package

Communities success

knowledge sharing success among communities compared with previously
distribution of knowledge

easy distribution of the knowledge package within the target communities


Knowledge package available in different local knowledge format and supports the local knowledge potential and resources

Social value

positive effects of the knowledge package within the target community increases visibility and increased communities social value
efficiency & visibility within the target community

knowledge package increases the well-being of the target community
Knowledge produces satisfaction
positive effect, positive social impact of the knowledge package compared to previous community´s life
Knowledge expertise available

target community supports manages efficient the new knowledge package for the local sustainable development purpose
Local participation

local community are involved in the outline of the knowledge package business scope
Knowledge package Innovation

new knowledge package increases knowledge innovation within local communities

Communities satisfaction
increasing satisfaction within the target communities situation due to facilitated information sharing
New knowledge package activity

new knowledge package activities increase

Knowledge package sharing and transferring
knowledge package sharing and transferring per measurement interval increase
business case
knowledge package business case contributes to the local sustainable development efforts


usefulness of the knowledge package contribution

Usefulness of knowledge activities management
increasing possibilities for networking with external, internal knowledge partners and others communities and organization
increasing of
Knowledge package sharing, preferably an increase due to well managed knowledge package
new knowledge gained from
knowledge package base


usefulness of the knowledge format and infrastructures found, possibilities of re-use of the knowledge package
query guidance

sufficient instructions and guidance within knowledge package. This enables quick knowledge sharing

relationships established due to knowledge sharing, transferring & networking
response time
real response
times of finding information due to the knowledge format and its infrastructures
return on investments
knowledge package business case represents value of money
scope re-use
reuse of new knowledge package scopes among other communities
Revenue gained/saved
revenue gained due to the right knowledge package business case

knowledge sharing increases amount communities and regions

support ratings

identification of the knowledge package sharing, transferring and support and update function ratings
support from management

knowledge package supporting and upgrading from knowledge management
Support incidents

Supporting knowledge change, update coming from the use of the knowledge package in actual environment

problem submitted due to the operationalization of the knowledge package
time, money
&personnel time s

Savings resources due to well managed knowledge package through the right format and the infrastructures
time to meet communities needs
communities are quickly satisfied with the knowledge package solution


useful of the knowledge package and the impacts on the well-being of the target communities


Using key performance indicators to measure the performance knowledge package helps to identify potential problems. When measuring knowledge package activities it is important to take action based on the local knowledge resources and potential we are identifying and gaining.

We need a knowledge package scope to ensure that we take action based on what our key performance indicators are telling us. We also need to continually assess the usefulness of the key performance indicators we are using as the knowledge package may be updated on a regular basis. The key performance indicators may vary from development area to developement area. If a key performance indicator is no longer useful we must stop use this one.

No knowledge package business case remains static. It may change with the time and this with the development of the target community. So the knowledge consumer environment is always changing and we need to change the knowledge package with its actual develpment environmemt. The use of key performance indicators helps us to manage correct this change and to stay efficiency in front.

Setting suitable Key Performance Indicators for measuring knowledge package for development must be driven by the target community. Collaboration and participation are probably the best processes to use. And Assessing regular feedback from the target community is probably the best way of determining whether the Knowledge package stays useful or not.



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