Freitag, 30. März 2018

Information management

ITIL ®V3 (IT Service Management) - certified
PRINCE2 ® (Projects in Controlled Environments) - certified
Process Manager, PcM (Wifi) - certified
Agile Management Innovations, i am a fan 
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Diplom-Ingenieur (MSc), TU Wien
Informatikmanagement - Mag. rer. soc. oec (MA), TU Wien
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Bakk.rer. soc. oec (BA), TU wien
Social Science - DEUG, Togo, Lomé

Mr. Bedi was IT Application Manager by KPMG Austria from June 2009 till June 2018. He is responsible for the 2nd  and 3rd- level support for the standard and individual Business Applications Software (e.g. eAudit, BMD, Citrix, ...) used, Contact person for key users from the departments, Survey of customer needs, Monitoring, analysis, resolution of daily applications operations errors, Conducting software tests and deployment, updating of IT documentation, Coordination of internal and external partners etc. 
Focus areas: IT Operations (IT Service Management, IT for the well-being of everyone, and digital life, process, quality, support, customer satisfaction).

I am currently working by Post Austria in the area of IT operations

Mr. Bedi has a great interest in IT business application, operation management as well as in knowledge management for Sustainable  development. Certain of my papers are focused on information management systems. Below you can find some…..

Information Management System AudIT Start-up
IT Financial Management – from the what to the how
Implementing Information Security Management System and Auditing
The Use of Agile, Project Management, Prince2, and ITILV3 for Business Applications Contract Management
Agile Strategy: the power of human factors in the design and support of your business applications management
The Main differences between Output, Outcome, Benefit, Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing

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*Author, Amouzou Bedi - Business IT Application Management 

Additional | Expertise in, and knowledge of the IT Operations standards management and its cultural implications (e.g., IT Operations Leadership und People Management based on IT agile mindset). Contact on Linkedin.  I will try to update these papers on a regular basis if a need arises. Many thanks for taking your time to read my papers, and for sharing this with the others.