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Publications: papers and books

ITIL ®V3 (IT Service Management) - certified
PRINCE2 ® (Projects in Controlled Environments) - certified
Process Manager, PcM (Certification Ongoing, final examination and project presentation are scheduled for 04.05.218)
Agile Management Innovations, i am a fan
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Diplom-Ingenieur (MSc), TU Wien
Informatikmanagement - Mag. rer. soc. oec (MA), TU Wien
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Bakk.rer. soc. oec (BA), TU wien
Social Science - DEUG, Togo, Lomé

Amouzou is IT Application Manager by KPMG Austria. He is responsible for the 2nd - level support for the standard and individual software used, Contact person for key users from the departments, Survey of customer needs, Monitoring, analysis, resolution of daily applications operations errors, Conducting software tests and delpoyment, updating of IT documentation, Coordination of internal and external partners etc.
Focus areas: Business Operations (IT, process, quality, support, customer satisfaction)

My  papers as well as my books  focused on information management systems, knowledge management and transfer,  knowledge exchanges, international cooperation, international commerce, cybercrime, local socio-cultural infrastructures for development, underdevelopment, effective development aid, South-South,North-south development, climate change, governance, public-private partnership and private sector development, communities development strategies, effective development programme evaluation and innovative sustainable development  processes are available on online bookshop Morebooks, Amazon, Universities libraries etc.  and can be found in the  table below.

Toward the Platform Knowledge for Development Without Borders
The Use of Agile, Project Management, Prince2, and ITILV3 for Business Applications Contract Management
Implementing Information Security Management System and Auditing
Agile Strategy: the power of human factors in the design and support of your business applications management
The Main differences between Output, Outcome, Benefit, Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing
IT Financial Management – from the what to the how
Information Management System AudIT Start-up
Why I think about the design of Global Services Support to achieve long-term Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Simple and Good Practices of the MDGs?
Knowledge For Development Without Borders
Framework Guide about Performance Indicators in Knowledge Management for Development
World Sustainable Building: Knowledge for Development Without Borders, an alternative of a non-profit organization that supports Development Institutions for tracking and monitoring on real time the world´s most complex development challenges?
Knowledge for Development Template and Workflow for Tracking and Solving the World’s Most Difficult Development Challenges
The role of Why? | What? | How? in Knowledge for Development to unlock development complexity where development efforts are still having resistances.
Thinking outside the box: Rethinking the sustainable development processes with the example of the Lampedusa disaster
We are lacking of the right delivery process and not of practical knowledge for development
Framework based on knowledge for Development to analyse and measure the worth of Development Interventions
Holistic framework to improve development interventions
Setting Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Knowledge Package for Development
Knowledge Package for Development
Agile knowledge Package Quality Policy: It is the Right Delivery and the Real-Time Access to the Knowledge for Development!
Creating decentralized knowledge management and transfer culture for development
How Knowledge can Impact Development?
Change Management and Knowledge for Development
Évaluation et Développement Durable
A holistic approach: the sociocultural infrastructures and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Why operate agile in sustainable development programmes and projects?
Holistic framework to improve development projects and interventions
Évaluation agile: la vie privée et sociale des plus pauvres comme des indicateurs pertinents dans les processus d´évaluation des projets et programmes de développement durable
La coopération agile au développement
La gouvernance des Partenariats Public-Privé (PPP), la gestion des ressources locales et aides au développement en Afrique
Afrique: Champ de Théâtre économique entre les pays riches et la Chine.
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*Author, Amouzou Bedi - Business Application Manager by KPMG Austria -
 Additional - Expertise and knowledge of the science management and its cultural implications in the developed and developing world in particular), contact on LinkedIn. I will try to update these papers on a regular basis if a need arises. Many thanks for taking your time to read this paper, and for sharing this with the others.