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IT Financial Management – from the what to the how

ITIL ®V3 (IT Service Management)
PRINCE2 ® (Projects in Controlled Environments)
Agile Management Innovations
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Diplom-Ingenieur
Informatikmanagement - Mag. rer. soc. oec
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Bakk.rer. soc. oec
Social Science - DEUG

IT Financial Management (system engineering, application management, development of business case, financial analysis, market research, feasibility, Return oninvestment (ROI), IT purchasing, Services Management, maintenance and supporting etc.) comprises the discipline of ensuring that the IT infrastructure is obtained, managed and supported at the most effective price (which does not necessarily mean cheapest) and calculating the cost of providing IT services so that an organization can understand the costs of its IT services. These costs may then be recovered from the customer of the service…..

Effective IT Financial Management must recognize when the timing is appropriate to make investments in application platforms and infrastructure to enable the business to deliver on its growth objectives. Knowing  the why,  „what‟,  „how‟, when and which tools to use to protect the current assets, maintain the current operation and migrate into the future, respond to the business requirements and  concurrence require a specialized skill set,  the knowledge of IT Market trends and  communities.

My goal for this blog is to assist IT Financial Management in understanding and making efficient Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), decision, including efficient organizations assess of the business value (costs, benefits, and ROI). This requires the well understanding of the market trend and the value of moving from the why,  „what‟ to the „how‟. 

This blog provides a comprehensive,  a quick view,  and a general-purpose business framework to support the development and the maintenance of business cases for enterprise-scale information technology-based projects.  

This work can be used as a standard template for technology-based initiatives, and by individual to articulate, identify issues and present creative model and practical solutions to the feasibility, and to judge the ROI of an IT Financial Management.

Strategic Implementation Plan

This addresses the challenge of the information technology-based project. The Strategic Implementation Plan foresees a first set of specific actions to be followed:

  • Assessments for Business value studies, Custom IT investment analysis and decision.
  • Tools & Calculator for Advanced, enterprise-ready, research-based analytical tools.
  • Research for Pioneering data-intensive research World-class modelling and analysis.
  • Training for Value-based sales & decision-making skills.
  • Marketing  Communications for Highly credible quantitative vendor product marketing collateral.

In addition, networking and knowledge sharing on innovative, rentable IT Financial Management may be pursued. A sample example of strategic implementation Plan can be found on the following table:


 Tools & Calculators


Marketing Communications




Business value studies

Custom IT investment analysis and decision support

Advanced, enterprise-ready, research-based analytical tools

Pioneering data-intensive research

World-class modeling and analysis

Highly credible quantitative vendor product marketing collateral

Value-based sales & decision-making skills

Recent Topics

Business intelligence

Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint, MDOP

Licensing analysis (EA/SA)

Project portfolio assessments

Windows 7

IT initiative ROI tool

Business Intelligence

Microsoft BI

Impact of IT capabilities (maturity) on firm performance

IT Capability Framework

Cost/benefit/KPI evidence sources

Windows Vista

Microsoft SQL Server


Small Business Server

Value-based selling

Effective tool usage

How to develop business cases

Services & Deliverables

Solution benefits (IT, business; qualitative, quantitative)

Costs & risks

Financial analysis (ROI)

Business case

Tool design & development

Data/logic research



Cost-benefit modeling

Research synthesis

Multi-firm studies

Feature-benefit analysis

White papers

Case studies

Marketing content


Content development

Training delivery


IT/business decision-makers


IT vendors

Service providers

IT vendors



IT Vendors

Vendor sales

Decision-makers & analysts
Table 1: A sample example of strategic implementation Plan

Understanding the category definitions

The Category Definitions provides guidance on clarification of service and investments in services. The IT Labor category Definitions can be found on the following table:

PC Engineering Services
PC Hardware management, PC image management, user admin and provisioning, data management, backup &restore, network management, server/tools management 3rd-level/advanced support
Application Management
Application strategy, Software inventory management, configuration, packaging, testing, software deployment, installation failure and support
Security assessment and planning, security patch management, security incident remediation
Services Desk (Helpdesk)
Technical Support. Call center (remote), support (tier0/1) of user computing. Include all channels (phone, email, web, walk-in, etc.) Do not include non-PC-related requests.
Deskside  (On-Site) support
Deskside  (dispatched) support (typically escalated from the Service Desk)
Administration and Other
Finance, other purchasing, training, planning, administration, senior management, and other.
Client Application Development
Client-side application coding/testing and advanced troubleshooting/fixing
Non-employee FTEs that directly conduct the above on-going services. The model assumes that savings (efficiency improvements) that impact employees will also impact contractors in a similar way (the model applies the same % efficiency improvements). Do not include contractors where this does not apply.
External  Services
External Service providers that directly conduct the above on-going services. The model assumes that savings (efficiency improvements) that impact FTEs will also impact External services the same percentage.
Do not include Service where this does not apply.
Table 2: The IT Labor category Definitions

Strategic Technology Plan- Description 

The Strategic Technology Plan- Description  enables  IT Financial Management to describe and to know where they are now and where they want to be some time in the future with regard to the technology and infrastructure in the organisation. It often consists of the following table:

Worksheet Name
Organizational Profile
Collects information about: organization size, location, and industry; end user types and labor costs; and the initiative to be modeled.  This information is used to estimate default values for all costs and benefits throughout the rest of the model.  It displays a summary of costs and benefits of the scenario modeled.
Initiative Descriptions
For Reference Only:  provides key features, capabilities, benefits, and common vendors/products for the 18 sample initiative types included in the model.
Implementation Costs
Estimates all costs (direct and indirect) needed to implement, fully adopt, and support the solution.  Cost categories include: hardware, software, IT labor, and user labor, including one-time and annual on-going costs.
IT Labor
IT Labor TCO Savings
Estimates IT labor TCO (as-is and to-be) and TCO savings enabled by the solution
Direct Savings
Direct Cost Savings
Estimates non-labor direct IT and business cost savings enabled by the solution.
User Productivity Benefits
Estimates user time/labor savings enabled by the solution.  First estimates the amount of time users spend conducting common business activities then estimates how much the solution is expected to increase the efficiency of conducting key activities.  The time savings is discounted using a "Productivity Conversion Factor", then converted into $ value.
Revenue Impact
Estimates how and how much the solution is expected to increase revenue.  The benefit is the profit on the incremental revenue.
Key Performance Indicator Assessment (Optional)
Assessment of how the solution may impact a variety of business KPIs.  In this model, these KPI changes are not converted into financial benefits.
Financial Analysis
Summary of costs & benefits by type; Cash flow analysis; calculation of ROI, payback period, NPV, and IRR; and graphs
Table 3: Sample Strategic Technology Plan- Description

Description of Initiatives

The descriptions of initiatives include the detail of the type of the initiative, key features, capabilities, Benefits, vendors and product. Sample data should not be used for making investment decisions. Sample data is not meant to represent average /typical project results, is not based on research, and is not provided at the lowest level detail. It should only be used as a starting point for assessing the business value of your project. Initiative cost and benefits will differ substantially from one organization to another. A sample description of initiatives can be found on the following table:

Initiative Type
Key Features, Capabilities, Benefits
Sample Vendors And Products
PC HW/OS Upgrades
·   Improved performance, reliability, security, manageability, productivity
·   Microsoft Windows Vista, Linux, Red Hat, Novell
·   Notebook, desktop, thin-client
·   Dell, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, Sony, Gateway

·   Intel, AMD
Server HW/SW Upgrades
·   Virtualization, consolidation, clustering
·   Microsoft Windows Server, Novell SUSE, Red hat, Unix, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP–UX
·   Improved performance, reliability, manageability, security
·   IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, Fujitsu, Bull
·   Multi-core, 64-bit, RISC/Itanium, x86

·   Web servers, application servers, DBMS servers, data warehouse servers, infrastructure servers, high performance computing servers

Infrastructure Mgmt / Networking
·   Asset inventory/management, OS management, configuration management, change management, systems management, software distribution, application packaging
·   Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, MDOP, Active Directory
·   Directory services, group policy objects
·   IBM Tivoli, BMC Software, CA Unicenter, HP, LANDesk, Novell ZENworks, Symantec Altiris, Cisco Systems
·   IPV6, LAN, WAN

·   VOIP – voice over Internet protocol

·   Digital storage of business data and documents
·   EMC, HP, IBM, Sun, Hitachi, EDS, Network Appliance
·   Archival, records management, tape backup, SAN, NAS, disk arrays, iSCSI, fibre channel
·   IBM DB2, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP
·   Capacity management, performance analysis, storage provisioning, quota management, event management

·   Security planning, assessment, incident/breach management
·   McAfee, Symantec, CA, Trend Micro
·   Identity and access management, encryption, smartcards, authentication, authorization, patch management
·   Cisco Systems, NetIQ
·   Firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, network access control, information and data rights management
·   VeriSign, IBM, Unisys
Application Development / Architecture
·   Improved software quality, integration, usability
·   Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio
·   Custom developed software
·   IBM WebSphere, Rational
·   Rapid application development
·   Sun Microsystems Java
·   Middleware, application server
·   Java/J2EE/EE, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Perl

·   Web services, Service-Oriented Architecture, SaaS (software as a service)
·   Oracle Fusion Middleware, Application Server

·   Enterprise architecture (EA)
·   BEA Systems WebLogic, JBoss (Red Hat), SAP NetWeaver
Compliance, Governance, Risk
·   Methods and software to ease compliance with regulations such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II
·   BearingPoint, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers
·   ITIL, COBIT, Six Sigma, CMM, ISO 17799/9000, PMBOK
·   Maturity models (Microsoft’s Infrastructure Optimization Maturity Model)

·   Portfolio management, IT-business alignment, balanced scorecard, service level management, risk management
·   Business continuity – disaster planning / recovery
·   IT governance, policies, internal audit, monitoring
·   Outsource IT and business processes, applications, infrastructure, or initiatives to reduce costs and improve results
·   Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, CSC, EDS, IBM, HP, Siemens, CompuCom, Infosys, Keane, Perot Systems, Satyam, TCS, Wipro, Getronics, Unisys
·   Infrastructure management: helpdesk, on-site support, desktop management, data center services
·   AT&T, IBM, MCI-Digex, Qwest, Rackspace, Verio
·   BPO – business process outsourcing

·   Offshore services

·   Application outsourcing, web hosting

Wireless/ Mobility
·   Wireless e-mail, mobile access to line-of-business applications, unified communications,
·   Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian
·   VPN, mobile remote access, telecommuting
·   RIM BlackBerry, Nokia, Apple iPhone, Sharp, Motorola/Symbol, Fujitsu,
·   Handheld devices, smartphone, PDAs
·   3Com, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Siemens
·   Wireless LAN/WAN, 802.11n, WiMAX, CDMA, UMTS, GPRS, EDGE
·   Equant, AT&T, MCI, BT, Sprint, Verizon
Table 4: sample description of initiatives

Business Technology Initiatives
Business Technology Initiative helps to address IT needs through efficient solutions– where better business technology choices equal better Return on investment (ROI).
A sample Business Technology Initiative´s checklist can be found on the following table:

Initiative Type
Key Features, Capabilities, Benefits
Sample Vendors And Products

Office Productivity Software
·   Word processing, spreadsheets, personal databases, presentation graphics software, personal information management, note-taking, task and project management, document creation and publishing
·   Microsoft Office 2007


·   Sun StarOffice

·   Google Apps

Messaging/ Collaboration
·   E-mail, calendaring/scheduling, task management, unified communications
·   Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Live Meeting

·   Real-time collaboration, presence, instant messaging, web conferencing
·   IBM Domino / Lotus Notes

·   Social computing, blogs, wikis
·   Oracle Collaboration Suite

·   Team workspaces, project management, discussion threads, document workflow
·   Sun Java Enterprise System

·   Novell GroupWise

·   WebEx Communications

Content Management
·   Document management, web content management, document imaging, records management, digital asset management
·   Microsoft SharePoint

·   Knowledge management, information management
·   EMC Documentum, FileNet, Hummingbird, IBM Content Management, Interwoven, Mobius Management Systems, Open Text, Oracle Content Services, Stellent, and Vignette

·   Intranets, Extranets, Portals

E-commerce / Internet
·   Web sites for external business information dissemination, marketing, sales transactions, etc.
·   Microsoft IIS, Commerce Server

·   Web storefronts, shopping cart management, taxation, personalization, transaction management, settlement and product visualization
·   ATG, Escalate Retail, Comergent, Oracle, SAP

·   B2B, B2C, AJAX, mashups

Business Process Mgmt / Integration
·   Process modeling, monitoring and management
·   Microsoft BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server

·   Workflow, business rules, automation, electronic forms
·   Captaris Workflow, EMC Documentum, Global 360, IBM FileNet, Open Text

·   BAM (business activity monitoring)
·   Pegasystems, Oracle, SAP, TIBCO, webMethods, BEA Systems, SeeBeyond, GXS, Sterling Commerce

·   EAI (enterprise application integration)

Business Intelligence / Data Mgmt
·   Database management systems (DBMS), data warehousing, data marts, online transaction processing (OLTP)
·   Microsoft SQL Server, PerformancePoint Server

·   Master data management, data quality, metadata
·   Teradata, IBM, Oracle, MySQL, Ingres, PostgreSQL, Sybase

·   Financial planning, corporate performance management, reporting, analytics, dashboards, scorecards, enterprise search, ETL, OLAP, query
·   Oracle Hyperion, Business Objects, Informatica, Cognos, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, SAS

Business Applications (Vertical, LOB)
·   Wide variety of specialized software that helps organizations streamline business processes and improve results
·   Various products/vendors by business function and industry

·   Customer Relationship Management
·   Oracle Siebel, PeopleSoft

·   Sales force automation, marketing campaign management, customer information management, order entry, customer service management, customer analytics, product configurators
·   Onyx, Sage, mySAP CRM,, Amdocs

·   Hosted CRM
·   Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ERP / Supply Chain
·   Enterprise resource planning:  supply chain management, operations/production management, inventory management, planning/scheduling,, finance/accounting, human resource management, product management, warehouse management, logistics, purchasing, order entry, CAD, etc.
·   SAP

·   Oracle Fusion (E-Business Suite, J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft)

·   Lawson, Intentia, Infor, Sage, Ariba,

·   Microsoft Dynamics
      Table 5: sample Business Technology Initiative´s checklist

Open Source Software 


In today's high pressure economic environment spending wisely on IT has become a necessity. So undertaking a careful comparison of open source software and proprietary software is the prudent thing for any IT Financial Management to do.  Well Open source deployments could provide dramatic cost savings combined with the flexibility to meet today's rapidly changing business requirements. Many open-source applications are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh, and Solaris. 

The following table provides a comparison of open source software and proprietary software:

Commercial Software Category
Open-Source Equivalent
AntiVirus Tools (eg. Norton, McAfee)
·  Use Grisoft AVG or AntiVir
Application Servers (eg. IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic)
·  Enhydra
·  Geronimo
·  JBoss
·  JOnAS
·  Zope
Asset Management (eg. Intuit, Peregrine, Remedy)
Backup Utilities (eg. CA ARCserve, Legato, Veritas)
·  Amanda
·  BackupPC
·  Bacula
·  Rsync
BioInformatics (multiple highly specialized vendors)
Business Graphics (eg. Microsoft Visio)
·  Dia
·  Xfig
CD / DVD Burning (eg. Adaptec RecordNow, Roxio CD Creator)
Configuration Management (eg. Rational ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe)
·  Arch
·  CVS
·  OpenCM
·  RCS
Content Management Systems (eg. Documentum, Interwoven, Vignette)
·  Alfresco
·  Bricolage
·  CPS
·  Lenya
·  Magnolia
·  TYPO3
·  Xaraya
Content Management Systems - Web
·  Bika LIMS
·  Drupal
·  Joomla!
·  Mambo
·  Midgard
·  OpenCMS
·  PHP-Nuke
·  Plone
·  PostNuke
CRM Applications (eg. Microsoft CRM, Siebel)
·  Anteil
·  Compiere
·  openCRX
·  SugarCRM
Database Software (eg. Microsoft Access, SQL Server)
·  Firebird
·  Gaby
·  Kexi
·  Knoda
·  MySql
·  Novinyl
·  Qddb
Database (BI) Tools (eg. Crystal Reports, ERWin, Microsoft Access)
·  OpenI
·  OpenRPT
·  Pentaho
·  SpagoBI
Desktop Publishing (eg. Microsoft Publisher, Quark Xpress)
·  Scribus
Directory Servers (eg. Microsoft Active Directory)
·  OpenLDAP
Disk Imaging (eg. Norton Ghost)
·  Mondo
Document Management (eg. Open Text)
·  Contineo
·  OpenKM
·  Owl
Email Applications (eg. Microsoft Outlook Express)
·  KMail
·  Spicebird
Email List Manager
·  Mailman
·  MajorDomo
·  PHPlist
Email Servers - POP and SMTP (eg. Microsoft Exchange)
·  Exim
·  qmail
·  James
·  Postfix
·  SendMail
·  Zimbra
Email Servers - IMAP
·  Scalix
ERP and Financial Software (eg. Oracle, SAP, Intuit QuickBooks)
·  Compiere
·  GNUCash
·  Openbravo
·  webERP
·  xTuple
File Compression (eg. PKzip, WinZip)
·  7-zip
·  bzip2
·  gzip
Flash Viewers (eg. Macromedia Flash)
Forums, Blogs (Weblogs), Bulletin Boards and Wikis
·  DokuWiki
·  phpBB
·  Pivot
·  Roller
·  WordPress
·  YaBB
Graphics and Image Editors (eg. Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop)
·  CinePaint
·  Inkscape
·  K-3D
Groupware (eg. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes)
·  Horde
·  Kolab
·  Lucane
·  Mimerdesk
·  phpCollab
Help Desk (eg. BMC Remedy, FrontPage Heat, Intuit Track-It)
·  Bugzilla
·  OneOrZero
HTML Editors (eg. DreamWeaver, FrontPage, HomeSite)
·  Bluefish
·  KompoZer
Instant Messaging (eg. AIM, MSN, Yahoo!)
·  Ayttm
·  GnomeICU
·  Kopete
·  Licq
·  Pidgin
Integrated Dev Environments (eg. Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Studio)
·  Anjuta
·  Eclipse
·  KDevelop
·  NetBeans
·  XEmacs
Learning (or Course) Management System
·  Moodle
·  Sakai
Modeling Tools (eg. IBM Rational Rose, CA AllFusion)
·  ArgoUML
·  StarUML
Music Playing / Editing (eg. iTunes, Sound Forge, Cool Edit)
·  Amarok
·  Audacious
·  Audacity
·  Banshee
·  Helix
Network Diagramming and Monitoring
·  Cacti
·  Etherape
·  Kaboodle
·  ntop
·  RRDtool
·  Wireshark
·  Zenoss
Network Management Tools (eg. HP OpenView, Microsoft SMS)
·  BO2K
·  Nagios
·  OpenNMS
·  OpenQRM
·  Webmin
Office Productivity Suites (eg. Microsoft Office)
·  KOffice
Operating Environments (eg. Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMWare)
·  freeBSD
·  freeDOS
·  Linux
·  NetBSD
·  OpenBSD
PDF File Viewer and Creator (eg. Adobe Acrobat)
·  Evince
·  okular
Personal Financial Managers (eg. Microsoft Money, Intuit Quicken)
·  GNUCash
·  Grisbi
·  jGnash
·  KMyMoney
Personal Information Managers (eg. Microsoft Outlook)
·  TreeLine
·  TuxCards
Photo Album Manager (or Photo Organizer)
·  digiKam
Portal Servers (eg. Microsoft Sharepoint, Plumtree, Vignette)
·  Gluecode (built on open source)
·  Metadot
Presentation Software (eg. Microsoft Powerpoint)
Privacy (eg. Pretty Good Privacy)
·  AxCrypt
·  GnuPP
·  GPG
·  TrueCrypt
Programming Languages
·  Perl
·  PHP
·  Python
·  Ruby
Project Management and Collaboration (eg. Microsoft Project)
·  Achievo
·  GanttPV
·  NetOffice
·  OpenProj
·  Planner
Remote Access (eg. Symantec pcAnywhere or VPN appliances)
·  OpenVPN
·  rdesktop
·  Stunnel
·  tinc
·  UltraVNC
Security (eg. firewalls, scanners)
Shopping Cart (eg. AShop, Interspire)
Spam Filters (eg. MailWasher, SpamEater)
·  POPFile
·  SpamBayes
Spreadsheets (eg. Microsoft Excel)
·  Gnumeric
Telephone Systems - VOIP / PBX / FAX Servers
·  OpenPBX
·  Yate
Terminal Server (eg. Microsoft Windows Terminal Server)
Test Tools (eg. IBM Rational, Mercury Interactive, Segue)
·  Ant
Text Editors & File Merging (eg. Microsoft Notepad)
·  Emacs
·  gedit
·  gnotepad+
·  JEdit
·  Vim
·  WinMerge
Video Editing
·  Avidemux
·  Blender
·  Jahshaka
·  Kaltura
·  Kino
·  LiVES
Video Players (WinDVD, PowerDVD, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer)
·  Kaffeine
·  MPlayer
·  Totem
Virtual Meetings (eg. Microsoft NetMeeting / Messenger)
Web Browsers (eg. Microsoft Internet Explorer)
·  Galeon
·  Konqueror
·  Opera
Web and FTP Servers (eg. Microsoft IIS)
·  FileZilla
·  ProFTPD
Word Processors (eg. Microsoft Word)
·  AbiWord
Table 6: sample comparison of open source software and proprietary software

e-Learning/Learning Tool

“A learning tool is a tool for your own personal or professional learning or one you use for teaching or training.”  Here is a practical Guide to the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013: Contents Written by Jane Hart, A Practical Guide to the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 describes the essential features of each of the tools in the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 list, and how they can be used for personal productivity, professional learning and development, education and/or training.

Best Freeware

The Gizmo's Freeware Editors are offering  right Choice List of freeware, where we could find a collection of the very best freeware for diverse operating systems. These lists could be found on the following table:

Best Free Windows Desktop Software
Best Free Windows 64 bit Software
Best Free Portable Windows Software
Best Free Mac Software
Best Free Linux Software
Best Free Online Apps
Best Free Windows Store Apps
Best Free iPhone Apps
Best Free iPad Apps
Best Free Android Apps
Best Places for Free eBooks & Audio Books

The Top 125 Network Security Tools  

The SecTools.Org  is very impressed by the collective smarts of the security community and  highly recommends reading the whole list and investigating any tools we are unfamiliar with. The SecTools.Org: Top 125 Network Security Tools can be found on this site.


This is a process that evaluates both potential threats and the impacts of IT Financial Management and decision of an organization for the continually normal business operations. It provides a framework to develop and build the organization's IT Financial maintenance with the capability for an effective response.

The purpose of the IT Financial maintenance is to minimize the operational, financial, legal, reputational and other material consequences arising from a disruption due to an undesired event, minimizing losses and restoring normal, regular operations in the shortest, possible time.

Coupled with security measures to protect the organization's IT Financial assets, it requires plans and strategies that should cater for and allow responses, contingency plans and procedures to recover as quickly as possible. Therefore ensuring that critical objectives are met, safeguarding key stakeholder’s interests and the organization's reputation, brand and value creating activities.
Organization's IT Financial maintenance may be broken down into periodic activities like 
confirmation of information in the manual, roll out to staff for awareness and specific training for critical individuals, testing and verification of technical solutions established for recovery operations, testing and verification of organization recovery procedures. Issues found during testing phase often must be reintroduced to each analysis phase.  Sample Manual/Resource Checking reference can be found on the following table:

Manual/Resource Checking


  • Manual/resources checking must evolve with the organization. Activating the Manual/resources checking verifies the notification plan's efficiency as well as contact data accuracy. Types of changes that should be identified and updated in the manual include :
  • Staffing
  • Important clients
  • Vendors/suppliers
  • Organization structure changes
  • Company investment portfolio and mission statement
  • Communication and transportation infrastructure such as roads and bridges


  • Specialized technical resources must be maintained. Checks include:
  • Virus definition distribution
  • Application security and service patch distribution
  • Hardware operability
  • Application operability
  • Data verification
  • Data application

Testing and verification of recovery procedures

  • As work processes change, previous recovery procedures may no longer be suitable. Checks include:


  • Are all work processes for critical functions documented?
  • Have the systems used for critical functions changed?
  • Are the documented work checklists meaningful and accurate?
  • Do the documented work process recovery tasks and supporting disaster recovery infrastructure allow staff to recover within the predetermined recovery time objective?
Table 7: Sample Manual/Resource Checking reference


This blog helps me to assist IT Financial Management in better understanding, planning, designing, assessment, implementation, management, supervision of an IT investment projects, programmes and the feasibility of an information technology-based project.

I hope that the checklists I have described along this blog could help companies, organizations and Information Management System Auditors to sharp their IT Financial Management for better Return on investment (ROI), and for a better responding to the dynamic Information Management System markets and trends. Some useful document can be found in the references.

The challenge is a Business Partner, Chief Information Officer (CIO), and IT Department that sit around and wait for the IT Strategy to be formalised to build a robust IT Financial Management and vision could not respond efficient and optimal to their business needs, behaviours and transformations. The  IT Financial Management   Bottom line is that the IT Strategy should support business objectives, behaviours,  and transformations with new technology, as needed as the IT department delivers effective IT Services and innovative technology solutions to respond and  improve competitiveness, demonstrated and articulated in a dynamic business environment and IT market trend. Thank you very much.


Information Management System AudIT Start-up

Agile Strategy: the power of human factors in the design and support of your business applications management

The Crowdsourcing of Code: What IT Can Learn from Developers



ITIL - IT services management

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Eperiencing pressures to lower IT costs?

Open Source software for free


 IT Business Value Services

 Free Excel Spreadsheets

Download PRINCE2 documents,
Amouzou Bedi - Publications - papers and books


*Author, Amouzou Bedi - Business Application Management - Operations&Infrastructures by KPMG Austria - Expertise and knowledge of the science management and its cultural implications in the developed and developing world in particular), contact on LinkedIn. I will try to update this paper on a regular basis if a need arises. Many thanks for taking your time to read this paper, and for sharing this with the others


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